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YouTube launches text transcriptions on Android

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The YouTube application for Android begins to incorporate the Show transcription” option , a new function that, among other things, improves the possibility of locating a specific segment of the recording… provided that a word is pronounced in it that can be transcribed, of course .

Text transcription is a function that some platforms already include, such as Zoom, which incorporated it in its paid version , and in the case of YouTube it was only available in the desktop version. Now, when it comes to the Android app, it allows you to have the full text of the words spoken in the video. A vertical scroll allows you to go through all the spoken text, now transformed into written text.

With the transcript you have atext version of everything that is said in the video , but not only that, but also next to each sentence there is a detailed minute and second where it is pronounced, including a link in the minute that leads directly to that moment in the video. In this way, once the moment in which the searched word or phrase is pronounced is located, it is possible to easily access that moment of the video.

However, the Android version does not include one of the most interesting and practical options that allows text transcription, such as content searches . Simply include a word to find when in the video that word is pronounced. This is especially useful in the case of long videos (especially with some that even last hours), in which it would otherwise be very difficult to locate a specific moment where specific content is discussed.

The new option “Show transcript” appears after the segment that contains the description of the video and the part where other channel content suggestions are shown.

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