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Where to find the cheapest gasoline

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With fuels becoming more and more expensive, and facing a more than foreseeable increase that will reach historical maximum prices , it is more necessary than ever to have the tools that allow you to locate the nearest gas station where the price of gasoline and diesel oil are as low as possible. most affordable possible .

Even depending on the case, it may be worth making a journey of a few kilometers or deviating slightly from the route if in return you save a few euros by filling up the tank. Fortunately, the proliferation of applications and web pages that help with this task makes it easier to find the best alternatives.

Find the cheapest gasoline with Google Maps

The most useful case for many may be Google Maps, an omnipresent navigation platform, since in addition to being used to trace routes and locate locations, Google Maps contains complete information on the location of gas stations, as well as fuel prices. This makes it easier to make queries to locate nearby service stations, being able to consult in advance in which of the closest ones the fuel can be found at the best price.

To locate it, simply select the specific button that appears at the top of the mobile app , under the search bar, which activates an additional layer of information that superimposes the location information of the gas station with fuel price on the map. .

Regarding the price, only that of Super 95 gasoline is indicated, but it can serve as a guide when comparing with the prices of the same fuel at other service stations. Clicking on this information will open a page with complete information about said gas station and the prices of all its fuels as well as location, hours, etc.

Cheaper gasoline on specialized websites

There are different web pages specialized in offering permanent and punctually updated information on fuel prices, greatly expanding the information that can be found in Google Maps.

Thus, web pages such as “The price of gasoline” or “Diesel or gasoline” take as a basis the location of the user who makes the query (or they allow another location to be entered, something very useful in travel planning) showing a complete list of gas stations close to those locations.

Searches can be made both by geographical criteria and by price, so it can be checked in a certain radius of proximity where the most affordable prices of different types of fuel are found, another element that can also be entered as a search criteria.

Apps to find the cheapest gasoline

Another option is to install one of the different apps that allow you to search for cheap gasoline from a mobile device, as is the case with  Combus Free,  Drive Smart,  GasAll,  Gasofa or  Gasolineras España. The latter even has a version for the ecosystem of Amazon’s Fire tablets, in addition to iOS and Android.

In all cases, the mechanics are similar, you can search by location and fuel, sorting the results based on price and proximity.

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