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What is a newsletter? Discover all its advantages

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If you are interested in digital marketing, you have probably wondered what a newsletter is. Most likely, if you go to your mailbox, you will find many of them.

A newsletter is an email marketing strategy that turns out to be a safe investment for those who decide to use it. Its popularity is due to its low cost, great profitability and the possibility of keeping customers up to date with the news of your brand, in order to build a lasting relationship with them.

Far from falling into disuse, email has become one of the essential channels for any good digital marketing strategy. For this reason, many professionals use tools like Mailrelay to create mass email campaigns effectively.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is an information bulletin that is sent periodically (daily, weekly or monthly) via email to those who subscribe to it. Although the contents are varied, they always keep the focus on news, relevant articles or valuable content related to the brand.

The main objective of a newsletter is to keep the customer interested in news and news related to the brand. Its main function is not to increase sales, however, it has a positive impact on them, since it allows you to include calls to action, links to the website, and guarantees direct contact with people who previously showed interest in the service.

In some cases, the newsletters also include announcements of promotions, discounts, new products or invitations to special events, such as inaugurations, for example.

What is a newsletter for?

Being a strategy related to email marketing, newsletters put companies in direct and constant contact with their customers through email; In addition, they have many other utilities:

They encourage visits to the website and direct customers to where it matters most.
They keep people abreast of the latest news.
They generate loyalty with the brand.
Its great reach helps to connect with a large number of users for a low cost.
The customer conversion rate with email is considerably higher than with other social networks.
All this is possible thanks to the fact that the newsletters are sent only to people who have already shown interest in the brand and have agreed to receive constant news updates to find out everything that may happen with a certain product or service.

How to create a newsletter for free?

This is one of the first questions that arise when people decide to try this strategy. On the Internet, there are various platforms such as Mailrelay, which make the process extremely simple. But carrying out a successful newsletter campaign requires a series of essential steps, such as the ones we are going to detail below.

Define goals

Before taking any action, you must define the objectives you want to achieve and know how an email marketing campaign can fit in with them. Remember that this tool has a predominantly informative function, if your goals lead in a different direction, you can try another email marketing strategy.

Build a database

To develop a good newsletter campaign, you first need interested people to whom you can send the messages. There are different ways to attract customers, one of the most effective is to place a ‘pop up’ ad or widget on your website, to invite people to subscribe.

You can also opt for a lead magnet, that is, offer any type of downloadable content, which is delivered to users for free in exchange for their email. Another option is to ask for the information of the person to deliver discount coupons or simply ask if they would be interested in receiving more information about the brand.

Define the form of your newsletter

Before starting with the distribution of emails, you must take into account various important aspects, such as the content that you will share in your newsletter, the frequency of sending and the design to be used.

Many companies use newsletters to share their latest blog posts, valuable content related to their brand, latest promotions or events, and important dates.

Find a mass mailing platform

A mass mailing platform will help you automate the process and make the task extremely simple. On the Internet it is possible to find many completely free tools that offer services such as:

Audience segmentation, a very important process to make the newsletter strategy successful.
Editors to create newsletters easily through templates or custom designs.
Shipping schedule.
Obtain reports and statistics of results after sending.
Analyze results
Knowing the results of your newsletter strategy will help you know if the actions you took were correct. In this way, you can make the necessary corrections to achieve objectives.

Advantages of using a newsletter

All email marketing strategies, including newsletters, are essential to grow a business in the digital field, especially because it is a direct channel that is easy to control. In addition, it has multiple benefits:

There is no need to deal with algorithms that hinder message deliverability.

The newsletters can be personalized depending on the person who is going to receive it, as well as being adaptable to the style and tone of the company.
It is an economical and highly profitable means of communication.
Newsletters are private communications, therefore they have a personal and sophisticated appearance.
Messages don’t disappear from your customers’ inboxes.
In short, it is time to take your business to a new level. Newsletters are one of the best strategies to retain customers and keep the brand always present in their minds.

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