“Two different women and a great mystery.” This story will show you why sometimes a good divorce is better than a bad marriage

“She’s unbearable!” My friend grimaced. “She is a terrible woman. I don’t want to remember her! ”

My friend recently got divorced. Although he assured me that he did not want to remember anything, he himself could not stop himself. He told me that his wife argued for any reason, and that he could not even go to the store with her, as she was causing a scandal. He also said that he couldn’t make food on time, when he was already starving. He added that his wife was spending a lot of money on nonsense, even though she was earning a few pennies. But as soon as she gained weight, it bothered him: “A woman must be slim!”

After he said these words, I asked him to behave with a little more restraint.

“Easy for you to say!” Exclaimed my friend. “If only you lived with her for a week. But I lasted 7 years. Good thing we had no children. They would be unhappy. ”

“Okay, calm down,” I said.

But my friend did not calm down: “Do you know how much it bothered me with calls? When I went out with my friends, she would dial me every 5 minutes and ask me what time I would be coming home. I was so embarrassed. ”

“Yes, it is horrible. But now you are free, ”I told him.

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