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Tumblr adds payment options to not see ads

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Tumblr has introduced a subscription that removes ads . It is an option that has been in demand for a long time and is now possible with two options, monthly or annual payment.

The Tumblr platform became a benchmark when it came to sharing images online more than a decade ago , halfway between a blog and what would later become Twitter… with ads. But now these subscriptions completely eliminate advertising, both in the web version and in the app for mobile devices.

The option to activate this subscription is found on the platform itself, by accessing the account with the user’s identification and selecting the option « Go without advertising ». At that time, Tumble will ask you to choose between one of the two subscription modalities. The monthly subscription in exchange for $4.99 or an annual subscription in exchange for $39.99, which carries a discount of 33%.

When one of the two methods has been chosen, the billing information must be entered and the subscription activated by clicking on “Pay now”. From that moment the subscription will be renewed automatically , so you will have to pay attention when you want to cancel this service to cancel the payment before the amount corresponding to the next period is charged. Subsequently, in that same section, the configuration of the payment methods can be changed.

The option of a paid subscription on Tumblr may be attractive for those who make frequent use of this platform and want to avoid repeated appearances of advertising, but perhaps, due to its price, it may not be so interesting for those who make more occasional use of the platform. platform.

It should also be noted that some Tumblr posts have a paywall system through TumblrPost+ that is not avoided with the monthly subscription, so this circumstance must be taken into account.

Tumblr, which a year ago eliminat ed porn and erotic content from its platform -something that many users are still asking for it to return- is thus looking for an additional way to monetize its services with the launch of these new premium options.

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