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This way you can optimize your email marketing campaigns and get the maximum benefit

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Being close to the client and creating a close relationship with him. This is one of the most outstanding keys to reaching the consumer and generating a unique link with the brand. That is what, increasingly, companies are responsible for doing, although it is not always achieved.

Effective communication has become essential in a context like the current one and, in this sense, email marketing wins by a landslide in any of the sectors. Despite the fact that more than one believes that it is a traditional practice that is doomed to disappear, the truth is that it is a medium that offers great possibilities to reach customers and capture their attention.

There is no doubt that the rise of social networks and technologies have brought new ways of communicating in the industry, but email marketing continues to be the preferred channel for consumers to contact brands. In fact, according to Adobe’s recent 2018 Consumer Email Survey, half of consumers prefer email when it comes to communicating with brands.

Still think email’s days are numbered? Email marketing has a series of advantages that the new channels have not been able to take away. One of its great advantages is that it helps companies to reduce time and effort and, in turn, enables the delivery of messages in real time. In addition, with email marketing there is a greater possibility of personalizing the messages, since there are more possibilities to track sales and check the degree of participation of different users.

Therefore, it is convenient to have the help of marketing software specialized in this practice, capable of automating the different actions of marketing campaigns. But which one to choose among all the ones out there? To do this, you can count on the help of appvizer, a software comparator that allows you to choose the most suitable for your company and your preferences and, thus, optimize each and every one of your emailing campaigns to the maximum, reaching the maximum number of users possible with great impact.

Specifically, email marketing programs allow you to design different emails using different tools. In addition, with these you can also segment contacts and send messages in bulk. The objective? Build customer loyalty and get new consumers who fall in love with your product or service.

Email marketing programs offer tools for email design (email kit), contact management and segmentation, as well as mass mailing using dedicated servers. Email marketing campaigns can have two goals:

In fact, with the entry of the GDPR last May, companies must bet more than ever on platforms that manage their email and help them comply with the legislation and, of course, generate more income. And what better option than a software comparator like appvizer?

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