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This is what consumers hate most about email marketing

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According to a recent Adobe study, half of consumers prefer email when it comes to communicating with brands. But just because they prefer it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, there are many things that they hate about them.

39% of respondents to Adobe’s 2018 Consumer Email Survey said they want less promotional emails that offer them information. Another 27% said they wanted better personalization, with content that reflected their interests. Meanwhile, 12% said they would like to be able to make a purchase without having to leave email, according to

The most annoying thing about email marketing, according to half of those surveyed, is the high frequency of sending. But for 23%, the worst thing is that they are poorly written, while 22% think that the most unsettling thing is that the email reveals that the marketer handles erroneous data about him or promotes a product or service that he has already purchased.

And while 16% find that too much customization gives them goosebumps, 9% complain if there is little or no customization. 8% were also annoyed by the lack of purchase buttons in the email.

One-third of respondents agree that the most annoying lack of customization is when recommended items don’t match their interests at all. But they also cite other things that are certainly annoying, such as sending offers that have already expired (22%), failing with the names (17%), sending offers that are not appropriate for the season or location of the consumer (15%) and sending promotions of products that have already expired. acquired (14%).

When it comes to reading an email on the smartphone, the most cited annoyance by consumers surveyed was having to scroll too much to read the whole thing, according to 20% of consumers. Second, 18% hate having to wait for images to load or download. 17% are annoyed if they receive text-heavy emails or small fonts, while 16% find that the most annoying thing is that they are not optimized for mobile.

And, what is the most hated phrase? Well, according to this survey, it is the following: “I’m not sure if you saw my last email.” Other hateful phrases are “according to my last email”, “according to our conversation”, “as we discussed” or “sorry for the double email”, among others.

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