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The strike of carriers puts in check the evolution of e-commerce in Spain

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Spain has become the third country in Europe with the highest turnover thanks to online sales, with 68.4 billion euros in 2021. However, last year it was also among the European countries that presented the most incidents in online commerce shipments due to the different vicissitudes, such as restrictions or Filomena.

This situation could repeat itself, or even worsen, with the transporters’ strike. Large platforms have already announced probable delays in the shipment of orders, especially those that are not essential products.

Apart from the strike, the truth is that we must add the economic crisis derived from the war in Ukraine and the high costs that energy and fuel are reaching. This, in the end, will reduce the margins and, therefore, the profitability per shipment.

According to European consumer regulations, the seller is responsible for the merchandise until it is not in the hands of the customer. In this way, the strike is a great challenge for e-commerce, which is risking credibility with its consumers.

This will give rise to an exponential increase in the so-called WISMO phenomenon, an acronym for the question in English “Where is my order?” (“where is my order?”). Managing this type of crisis, with the barrage of calls and messages that it entails, will take time and cost. In addition, it should be noted that, in the end, what is being affected is the image of the brand, so customers could be lost.

“Keeping customers correctly informed not only reduces their anxiety, but also improves consumer perception, so this challenge can become an opportunity for those who are committed to investing in correctly managing the crisis, since their efforts will result in loyal customers », says Roberto Fumarola, CEO & CoFounder of the Qapla shipment tracking platform.

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