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The audio jumps to other formats: the creators of Podimo will be able to reach television or cinema

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The European audio entertainment platform Podimo has announced that it has reached a collaboration agreement with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). The purpose is that the creators of the first can have new opportunities added to their work.

With this agency, which represents talent such as Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks or James Corden, they will be able to take their audio content to new formats, such as television or cinema on a global scale.

“We are extremely proud to work closely with one of the world’s leading entertainment agencies so that more and more people discover the original content we are creating at Podimo,” said Morten Strunge, CEO and co-founder of Podimo.

“At Podimo we continue to aspire to become the reference app for listening to all kinds of audio content with spoken word, from podcasts, audiobooks, audio series and sound fiction,” he continues.

Podimo’s content and market expansion

Currently, Podimo has more than 1,000 original podcasts and audiobooks in its catalog. In fact, the firm doubled the production of exclusive programs in 2021, the year in which it also raised a round of financing of 78 million dollars in November to promote, precisely, the creation of content.

In the case of Spain, some of these exclusive podcasts are GAL: El Triángulo, recent winner of the Ondas Award in the non-fiction category. This exclusively reveals secret documents and unpublished audios about State terrorism in the French and Spanish Basque Country in the 1980s. In the Golden Cage, The Mathematics of History, Controlled Dissidence or Criminal Case are other of those originals that stand out in the platform.

Podimo’s expansion in the market and its commitment to the creation of new content has also been reflected in the two-year agreement with PRISA Media, which includes the development of various commercial and content initiatives.

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