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SEO for Instagram: 5 keys to be found (yes or yes) on this social network

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SEO does not take refuge solely and exclusively in Google and must also anchor in those platforms in which the user often invests as much or more time than in the famous search engine. It is especially important to hang on to the arm of SEO in social networks such as Instagram, where the reach is largely indebted to search optimization.

On Instagram, SEO is essential (and very effective) so that the content hosted there reaches the largest possible number of users (both in search results and in the “feeds” of suggested publications).

When more people discover the content of our Instagram account, the greater the chances we will have to give wings to our number of “followers” ​​and strengthen our community of followers.

The Instagram algorithm automatically processes each and every one of the content that ends up there and constantly collects information with the ultimate goal of determining the theme of the publication and to which target it may be particularly interesting.

The mechanisms behind the Instagram algorithm are (more or less) inscrutable, but there are a few tricks to take it in a specific direction (the one that is potentially most beneficial to your account).

Here are some particularly useful SEO tactics for Instagram from Later:

1. Write descriptive texts accompanied by keywords

Until recently, it was only possible to search on Instagram using hashtags, location tags, usernames, and profile names.

Things have changed, however, and it is now possible to search Instagram using keywords.

This means that writing descriptive and relevant text using keywords can have a profound impact on the ability of the content to be discovered by the user and that it reaches the eyes of the largest possible number of people.

2. Add keywords to Instagram profile name

To increase our number of “followers” ​​and use the Instagram search engine for our own benefit, we will need to optimize our Instagram profile.

Therefore, if we are interested in a particular keyword, it is a good idea to incorporate it into our profile name or our username.

If it is not possible to add keywords to the username, it is always a great option to add such keywords to the profile name, which is more free of restrictions than the first one.

3. Include up to 30 relevant hashtags

Using relevant and specific hashtags in posts and stories on Instagram is one of the most effective methods for our content to be discovered by new audiences on these platforms.

As long as hashtags are used to discover fresh content, using the right hashtags can help us parade in front of the right audience (even if we haven’t previously engaged with them).

For this reason, it is so important to equip yourself with an ad hoc hashtag strategy to optimize our account, boost engagement and gain followers.

4. Add descriptive “Alt Text” texts to posts published on Instagram

The “Alt Text” functionality allows us to write alternative texts to accompany the photos we publish on Instagram with rich and relevant descriptions.

Although this feature is primarily designed to improve the accessibility of Instagram, it can also be used for SEO-focused purposes.

Instagram generates “Alt Text” texts automatically relying on object recognition technology (which is not always accurate), but writing those texts manually definitely gives SEO value to Instagram because it allows the inclusion of specific keywords.

5. Be consistent with the niche to which the account is focused

When it comes to spurring SEO on Instagram, consistency is absolutely essential, so it is vital to apply the aforementioned practices with particular insistence to eventually see results.

Consistency helps the Instagram algorithm determine who we are and what we have to offer in order to get our content in the eyes of truly relevant users.

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