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SAP Commerce Forum Spain: the benchmark eCommerce event

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SAP is a company that designs computer products that are used for business management, both for companies and for organizations and public bodies. SAP is the largest software company in Europe and the third largest in the world. SAP is a market leader in business application software, helping companies of all sizes and industries operate at their best: 77% of global transaction revenue passes through an SAP system. Its machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and advanced analytics technologies help turn customers’ businesses into intelligent enterprises. It offers technology solutions for the smart business, employee experience management by better understanding the key drivers of engagement, Small and Medium Business Management Software, SAP Software Testing, SAP Developer Center and its community.

Trends, milestones and news in the sector

At SAP, its core purpose is to help make the world work better and improve people’s lives. Their promise is to innovate to help our customers operate at their best. They engineer solutions to drive innovation, foster equality, and spread opportunity across borders and cultures.

After a while without being able to meet physically, SAP is looking forward to reconnecting with its audience. And what better occasion than to do it at the SAP Commerce Forum in Madrid, the leading eCommerce event, where they will discuss trends, milestones and industry news. The new consumption habits, both B2B and B2C, produced by the pandemic are here to stay. Buying food products online, mobile sales, through social networks or omnichannel are more present than ever in everyday life. It is very important that eCommerce prepare for this new reality.

The event will be a 100% physical and exclusive format in which it will be accessed through confirmation and ticket. At the SAP Commerce Forum they will offer the opportunity to listen to Dimas Gimeno, founder and president of KAPITA and founder of WOW, and high-level speakers from brands such as Samsung, Samsung Electronics, Bacardi, PUIG, SAICA Pack and Osborne, among others. It’s going to be quite an experience, register to get your ticket now!

Agenda: SAP Commerce Forum

The kick-off of the event will be with Susana Guasch and María Javierre, Head of SAP Customer Experience Spain, who will be in charge of welcoming the attendees. Next, the presentation on Keynote will take place, presented by Dimas Gimeno, president of Kapita and WOW. The second presentation will deal with a success story sponsored by SEIDOR: Osborne and his migration to digital. Just before the coffee break, Mirakl from Hiberus & SAICA Pack will present the panel of B2B experts. After the break, the presentation of the success story sponsored by Aspanetconomy: TBC will continue and will be followed by a panel of B2C Experts exhibited by UST & Stratesys. To end the event, Accenture will present its PUIG success story, in addition to its reinvention of eCommerce, and finally the closing and farewell will be in charge of María Javierre. The event will culminate with a cocktail lunch.

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