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“Our show shows a reality, we are all second best in something”, M. Machado (Milanuncios)

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In the environment that surrounds us, we are used to leading a hectic pace of life, always trying to give the best of ourselves. This is why Milanuncios has launched its “Secondsimo” campaign with the aim of being aware that being first is fine, but being second and wearing it with pride is undervalued and is a very interesting position. Since it is essential to become aware of the importance of valuing our work and effort, although this does not mean always being the first.

Milanuncios, an app for buying and selling second-hand products, is considered the second best second-hand buying and selling app. They are focused on achieving a strategy of innovation and improvement, using humor with their new “Segundísimos” campaign and recognizing the importance of this in order to continue making an effort. That is why has contacted Marta Machado, Brand Manager of Milanuncios to tell us more about its new positioning and brand strategy.

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1. Milanuncios is going to focus its new brand positioning on the digital show “Segundísimos”, what objective do you pursue with this strategy?

It is about brand positioning and a strategy to be closer to our community, presenting Milanuncios in its most digital version, focused on our app and connecting with people. We want to change the perception of our brand and Segundísimos is part of the process. That is why we are communicating the pride of being the second best second-hand app, because we can assure you that this is for now.

This strategy goes beyond what we want to achieve and becomes what we like to be: a brand focused on improvement to always be innovating and on transparency with the people who trust our app to be better every day.

2. What would you highlight about your new brand positioning?

Which is very brave. We are aware of what it means to convey this message and for Milanuncios it is important that our community accompany us at every step as it has been doing for years. It is not only the first time that we have transmitted such a message, but we are also doing it through new formats such as branded content and innovating in channels such as social networks with our recent opening of our TikTok profile.

3. The communication strategy of Segundísimos focuses on Influencer Marketing, how have you faced this challenge?

We have integrated celebrities into Seconds as if they were part of the team and we believe that this has been one of the keys. In fact, a few days ago Carolina Iglesias shared on her personal social networks how much she had enjoyed the show and how good our campaign was, without her agreeing or being part of her role in the show. And that is only achieved when people feel identified and are integrated into a show that shows a reality: we are all second to none in something. Celebrities, you, me, and all the people who read this interview.

4. Could it be said that the circular economy continues to be a fundamental pillar in your communication?

The circular economy and the sustainability that second hand represents is a pillar of our brand and our essence. In this context, we know that it is not the only motivation of our users and that this sustainable message must take place in spaces that are accompanied by actions. For this reason, every year we present our study called “The environmental effect of second-hand”, a report that reveals the real impact of the second-hand market on our planet, leading the data on the effect of the circular economy of Milanuncios in Spain. .

5. The main message that you have transmitted focuses on facing your second position in the market. What keys would you highlight of your differential value?

Milanuncios is not an application to use. It was a pioneer in 2005 in the digital second-hand environment in Spain and today, 17 years later, we continue to connect people who are looking for one of the more than 6.3 million ads that were published in Milanuncios last year every day. . Our differential value is this ability to adapt to such a changing environment and that today has nothing to do with the panorama that existed in 2005. Listening to our community and continuous improvement are in our DNA, two aspects that allow us to implement changes day by day and build a better Milanuncios.

6. What challenges are you going to face in the coming years?

In the last two years we have completely renewed our brand image and our logo, but also our product: we have launched a product delivery service to the market (Milanuncios Express) and an exclusive tool for professional sellers (Milanuncios Pro). We have also launched the new Milanuncios blog and we have changed the visual appearance of the navigation when you search for a product, among many other things. But, without a doubt, today the challenge of Milanuncios and second-hand marketplaces in general is focused on offering a transactional experience that is as fluid and native as possible. Generalizing the use of services such as Milanuncios Express, to buy second-hand products at a distance, without leaving home, as well as a growing environmental awareness of society are the levers of growth in this market.

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