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New limits to email marketing companies by the RGDP

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The new framework of the RGPD, clearly oriented to the protection of the user through a greater guarantee of confidentiality, generates new obligations for all companies.

According to the opinion of specialists linked to email marketing such as Viwom, the user’s permissions to advertising marketing put a siege, especially, on companies belonging to the sector.

After the approval of the European RGPD, the user’s authorization to send information is mandatory since many of the users accepted conditions without knowing what was being authorized. For this reason, the double OPT-IN, although not mandatory, becomes a tool used by companies in order to obtain unequivocal consent for receiving information of commercial origin. Now more users restrict the use of their data by companies generating a real loss of Engagement. That is why it is estimated that the databases managed by companies will fall to half of the users, significantly reducing the scope and access of brands to potential customers. But as in everything, the new restrictions and the new authorization process can be used to also generate new opportunities.

In this sense, the commitment of brands and companies should be aimed at finding new content with a higher level of attraction in which artificial intelligence has a lot of weight as a tool to recover and improve that Engagement. New horizons are proposed, such as the possibility of personalizing video emails individually, in such a way that, even if two people have the same interest in a certain product, the clip descends to show subcategories based on individual preferences. By interests, needs, previous experiences…

To conclude, Ramón Anadón, Founder and CEO of Viwom, indicates that “the user must enjoy everything that makes him happy and what he prefers. More segmented information, proposals according to their experiences and their journey as a consumer should be the starting point for agencies to innovate by creating à la carte email marketing campaigns and recover the Engagement that may have previously been lost along the way with the new EU GDPR

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