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Netflix launches the “super likes”

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Netflix allows its subscribers to indicate if they liked the content or not by marking the best series  on the platform with a thumbs up or down , as well as all the movies and documentaries, but this content rating system may fall short. What happens if there is a viewer who does not like a movie but loves it?

The answer seems to be clear: two thumbs up . When the user offers that answer, he will go beyond “it’s okay” to enter the field of “masterpiece”, which offers a double positive aspect both to the same user and to others. And this is the rating system recently added to Netflix in all its variants: web page, mobile app on iOS and Android, as well as in the versions for smart televisions.

On the one hand, this assessment allows the Netflix algorithm to discriminate between the content that the subscriber “simply likes” from those that he “loves” , so that in the content suggestions offered to the viewer, he will have an additional criterion to propose those that suit your tastes even more. On the other hand, it also serves to make valid recommendations for other subscribers whose content ratings are similar.

Christine Doig-Cardet, Director of Product Innovation and Personalization of Experiences at Netflix, affirms that for them “it is very important to be able to find the programs and movies that the viewer will love”, acknowledging the will of the streaming platform of become the easiest place to select something to see .

In 2017 Netflix eliminated its previous content rating system based on up to five stars that could be awarded, but Doig-Cardet says that the binary “thumbs up” / “thumbs down” system is not enough. Especially with a practically endless catalog of content that continues to grow and where it is not always easy to locate a film, series or documentary that can satisfy the subscriber.

This situation has allowed the so-called “choice fatigue” to develop , a behavior that is well known by many users who sometimes spend more time browsing between content and deciding what to see than actually seeing it. Something that Netflix intends if not to eliminate at least to minimize. Options such as random play, which eliminates the search process, are also useful for this .

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