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Multisafepay and Didomi come together to impose the limits of privacy

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The importance of security and its correct management in the privacy of the user is the fundamental key so that every natural person lends himself to being a client of the various facilities that payment services have. That is why Manuel Mesa, Business Development Manager at Multisafepay, highlights the importance of knowing how to show the user who to trust and why.

Considering himself an advisor to companies that helps improve their electronic payment acceptance processes, Manuel highlights the importance of consent and preference management for payment service providers and how they influence the e-commerce landscape, thus developing Multisafepay .

Multisafepay is characterized by being a Dutch payment service that was born in 1999 to cover the needs that were beginning to be carried out within electronic commerce and its various payment methods. With its potential and the importance of the security and privacy of each user as a fundamental skeleton, it joins Didomi, a preference and consent solution to guarantee the user the security they need when processing data or carrying out transactions, showing them the protection and respect for said consent.

As an important point to highlight, they place special emphasis on caution and that is why, being Multisafepay an in-house team, they collaborate with an external consultant to ensure and guarantee the security of data and transactions, investing a large budget in security and encryption of data to thus guarantee the chain of custody of all information, also highlighting that not even the employees themselves have visibility over the customer card data.

Problems when choosing what to pay with or not having access to other payment platforms?

They highlight the correct management of preferences as an important point and that is why they work with market trends and the different regulations that evolve and empower the user in order to channel the flow of information based on what users demand, thus adding the possibilities of choice between two as payment options:


With all this and putting it in context, the Preference Management Platform was born as a customer loyalty and preference management product.

With the user as the center of the business models, Manuel highlights the importance in the sector of adapting to what is immediate and simple with the concept «Check out as a service«, giving as an example the purchase facilities in physical environments, thus being able to facilitate the purchase without the need to enter all your data, simply with the Multisafepay token, as a brand-level strategy development, including Visa and Mastercard.

As a final piece of information, they highlight the need for evolution in the legal landscape and society in the technological revolution, putting Spain at the bottom of the bureaucracy and regulations with anti-blockade capital policies, assuming this is a double effort compared to other countries. That is why they hope to be able to accompany all e-commerces with this Fintech alliance and thus evolve in the panorama.

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