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Money is raining on entertainment and social network apps (and another “downpour” will fall in 2022)

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The revenue generated by the apps continues to step heavily on the accelerator. And from this beatific financial “boom” the applications focused on entertainment and social networks are benefiting above all and above all. This is clear from a recent study by the analytics company App Annie.

In the section referring to downloads, the universe of apps does not seem to have reached a ceiling in any way. And the social network Pinterest and the online game Temple Run 2 could cross the 1 billion download mark within the next year.

Apps with a focus on streaming video have been among the big winners in the lucrative app market since the coronavirus pandemic began. App Annie expects entertainment apps to end the year with a turnover of around $9 billion. And by 2022, the turnover of this type of application will jump even more strongly to reach 12,000 million dollars.

2022 will be even better than 2021 for apps focused on entertainment and social networks

In this area in particular, they are gaining muscle, beyond giants such as YouTube and Netflix, providers such as Discovery or even Funimation, whose specialty is “anime”.

App Annie also sees a notable increase in sales generated by social media apps on the horizon. And although the sales of these applications will remain this year at 5,000 million dollars, in 2022 they could exceed the barrier of 9,000 million dollars.

Applications such as Discord and Tagged are contributing to the strength of apps with an eye toward 2.0 platforms, which harbor multiple possibilities from the point of view of marketing and advertising.

From the point of view of growth in terms of number of users, social network applications are absolute leaders. TikTok could reach 10 billion downloads by 2022 and in-app purchases on the Chinese-born social network could reach $3 billion.

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