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Mascophone is born, a telephone operator in solidarity with animals

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If you want to enjoy mobile and fixed coverage throughout the national territory and, at the same time, contribute to the well-being of animals, you should know about Mascophone, a supportive telephone operator with pets that has just been born in Spain.

In the country, 55% of households have one or more pets . In fact, 26% of families have a dog (it is estimated that there are 7 million dogs in Spanish homes), while 16% have a cat (there are more than 4 million felines in homes in the country) and all of this not counting other species that are also used as pets.

They are undoubtedly one more member of the family, although each year there are also 470,000 abandonments in the country. With the aim of helping animal shelters, while offering quality mobile and landline coverage, Mascophone has emerged.

It is a telephone operator that  guarantees nationwide coverage , through operators such as Movistar, Vodafone, Orange. But its differential point is that 100% of its profits will go to the Animal Shelters.

Therefore, it offers the same competitive rate through the usual companies, with the same services (fiber, fixed and mobile telephony, television), but with this solidarity contribution, at no added cost for users.

In addition to helping animal shelters, customers who contract this rate with Mascophone will be members of a club that offers significant discounts at more than 3,000 veterinary clinics nationwide.

Thus, the costs of food, animal care, surgical interventions, including sterilization, and all kinds of disbursements that must be made to guarantee the well-being of the pet will have a price reduction. In addition, the company also offers agile and fast financing of up to 100% for care and cures at veterinarians throughout Spain.

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