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“Hyperautomation as the central axis of the connected and automated company”, David Sanz (ServiceNow)

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Personalization has become a key aspect when it comes to improving the relationship with customers to build relevant experiences. The benefits of personalization help strengthen the relationship with the customer, digital experiences help improve customer loyalty.

Digital experiences help businesses work smarter and faster. For this reason, we have contacted David Sanz, Solution Consulting Sr Manager, Iberia and Israel, from ServiceNow, since the focus of this company is focused on transforming companies with digital IT workflow. In addition, he modernizes operations to optimize productivity, costs, and resiliency with a single platform for IT. Service Now personalizes digital transformation processes with a new value acceleration solution, welcoming a new era of employee and customer experiences.

1. What is ServiceNow? And what would you recommend to boost your customer experiences?

ServiceNow is the market-leading digital workflow company that improves the way you work. Its cloud-based platform and solutions help companies redefine how they engage with their customers and employees, making those relationships more digital, easier.

Customers often interact with companies to obtain a specific result, for example, to solve a problem. Therefore, for the customer experience to be positive, it is necessary to meet those expectations and achieve the desired result. That’s why at ServiceNow we work to help companies deliver a state-of-the-art customer experience that constantly improves customer loyalty.

2. What are the keys to optimizing and digitizing a business?

Digitization is a continuous and complex process and at ServiceNow we believe that the basis for digitizing business processes in multiple company systems and departments is our cloud platform. Through this platform we help companies to automate, speed up and improve their operations, which translates into a higher quality of services and user experience, both in terms of end customers and employees.

3. What value do you give to the customer experience in ServiceNow?

This is one of the keys to our business, because we are convinced that digital workflows are the building blocks for a modern customer experience. That’s why we work to help companies create a seamless customer experience that increases user retention, automates front, middle and back office processes and optimizes field services.

4. Do you consider it vital to rethink the customer experience?

Of course. The ability to offer a smooth and effective experience is a determining axis for business success. A customer service that does not respond to these characteristics can trigger a boomerang effect in terms of customer acquisition and loyalty for any organization.

5. What will be the trends that will stand out at your next event?

ServiceNow Summit: Spain will be held on April 5, it will consist of an exciting Live TV Show that will be broadcast live via streaming, in which valuable content will be offered in a different and dynamic format. The trends of the ServiceNow Summit will be innovation, agility and productivity, since they are the keys to the digital economy. In addition, we will focus on the real potential of hyperautomation as the central axis of the connected and automated company.

6. What technology do you use to improve and innovate in the professional field?

Our platform combines different technologies such as low-code application development, artificial intelligence, integration, and robotic process automation (RPA) to connect modern, legacy, or unstructured data sources and accelerate business transformation.

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