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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

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Android smartphone users who decide to “switch” to the Apple ecosystem can keep their contact list in the new ecosystem, transferring them from their old device to the new one in a simple way.

Moving from one ecosystem of mobile devices to another (from Android to iOS or vice versa) can raise questions for those who fear that they may lose data or conversations in the transition, although fortunately almost all platforms already facilitate that move, as is the case with WhatsApp itself, which makes it easy to sync chats between iOS and Android .

The basis for achieving this, in the case of the agenda, is an optimal synchronization of the contacts with the Google account , since the data will reach the new iPhone from there. To achieve this, the first step is to access the synchronization of the contact list from the Android terminal through the route “Settings-Accounts-Google”, verifying the section next to “Contacts”.

Once achieved, it is time to indicate on the iPhone the place of origin of the contact list. This is achieved by accessing the Settings menu and selecting the option “Mail, contacts, calendars”, where you have to access the option “Add account-Others-Add CardDAV account”.

The system will request at this point to add the data of the Google account, username and password. As the server name you will have to indicate “” and as “Description” you will have to type “Contacts”, saving the changes by clicking on “Accept”.

Finally, it must be indicated that the default email account is this Google account that has just been configured. You have to return to the “Mail, contacts, calendar” section within “Settings”, marking the “Default account” option and selecting the Google account that has just been configured.

From that moment on, any change that occurs in the iPhone’s contact list will be automatically synchronized with the Google account and vice versa. If a change is added to the contact list from another device, the change will also be reflected on the iPhone.

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