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How to order Instagram chronologically

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Earlier this year we knew that Instagram was testing the possibility of adding new ways to display content, including being able to view images and videos in chronological order .

This option was available a few years ago, but the company eliminated it so that the algorithm would order the content of the social network. Now, after six years without the possibility of ordering content chronologically, Instagram is recovering this option for all its users.

Until today, Instagram showed its content in a single feed in which it mixed posts from other users who are followed, along with related content from other users who are not followed, but which the Instagram algorithm considers may be interesting.

From now on, the user can choose if he wants to see his feed ordered by the algorithm or in chronological mode. In addition, this latest Instagram update allows you to mark up to 50 accounts as favorites. That way, your posts will be highlighted by the platform’s algorithm.

How to order Instagram feed chronologically

Here’s how you can change your Instagram settings to view posts in chronological order.

-Menu: Open your Instagram app and click on the box that says “Home”, in the upper left corner of the screen. By doing so, you will see a tab with several options displayed.

-“Following”: In the displayed tab you must click on the second option, the one that says “Following”. When this option is checked, you will be able to see the publications of your contacts on Instagram in chronological form.

However, every time you exit the app and re-enter it, the feed sorted by the algorithm will be restored. Therefore, whenever you want to see the publications in chronological order, you must follow the process that we have just explained.

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