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How to measure the speed of the Internet connection in macOS

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The latest version of Apple’s MacOS Monterey operating system has its own speed test, SpeedCheck, which can be run from the Terminal thanks to the NetworkQuality command. It is a check that offers, among other data, information on both the upload speed and the download speed.

Although there are various applications and web pages capable of carrying out Internet speed tests, it is very convenient to have a tool specific to the operating system, as in this case. But since it requires access to the execution of commands in the Terminal to execute it, it is very convenient that macOS has the Shortcuts.

As their name suggests, they are simpler ways to execute various commands without having to open the Terminal to type orders of a certain complexity. Of course, it will be necessary to follow this somewhat more complex procedure the first time that this shortcut is defined.

In the specific case of checking the Internet connection, the Twitter Automation April account has shared a Shortcut that allows you to access the SpeedCheck test in just two steps, without having to open the Terminal console and type the commands that activate it .

To do this, it offers a link to iCloud that allows you to install the already created Shortcut to SpeedCheck directly on your Apple computer (it is recommended to download it from Safari, Apple’s browser), after which you just have to add it to the Shortcuts app. From that moment on, all you have to do is press the “Play” button to run it.

Only the first time it is activated, the user will be asked for permissions to execute scripts from the Terminal console. From there, using this Shortcut will be as simple as accessing Shortcuts and running SpeedCheck.

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