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Heineken Silver beer arrives from the metaverse planet to land in the real world

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A few weeks ago, Heineken Silver became the first beer brewed in the virtual world since it was introduced in the metaverse. This tongue-in-cheek tone of presenting a drinkable product on the digital plane paid off, as it caught the eye from the get-go.

However, now he has broken the barriers imposed by the metaverse (among others, not being able to taste the concoction), to make the physical leap to reality. Several cities, such as Madrid, Amsterdam, Milan and London, have witnessed the landing of Heineken Silver with a simultaneous event.

One of the highlights of the evening was the first concert by the artist Ana Mena in the metaverse. For this, the Heineken brewery in Decentraland was chosen as the setting (pun intended). In reality, an attempt was made to recreate some of the most notorious characteristics of that virtual space, such as the bar and the DJ booth designed by the Spanish J. Demsky.

This game between the physical and the digital has also been present with the creation of collectible pieces of art designed together with the artist. It was the way to remind consumers that some moments are better lived in the real plane.

The simultaneous event of Heineken Silver in the metaverse and in real life
In this way, the show took place both in the metaverse and in real life. The event was also attended by streamers and content creators such as Paula Gonu, Welyb, Dumas, Antón Lofer, Ro en la Red, Dante Caro, Carla Laubalo, Berto Peuve, Carmen de Lorenzo, Rubenico, Giulia Pompeino or Álex Sánchez.

“The expectation and curiosity around Heineken Silver has finally been revealed, with Madrid being one of the cities chosen for this European launch. We are delighted to celebrate with consumers that we can now enjoy Heineken Silver and its super refreshing taste also in the real world”, comments Lucía López-Rúa, Marketing Director of Heineken Spain.

«A launch that we made in an ironic way. A satire on products being released in the metaverse, and best enjoyed in the real world. Nothing beats the super refreshing taste of a beer in the real world,” explains Bram Westenbrink, Global Brand Director.

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