Flickr wants to be Onlyfans: it will allow you to earn money with adult content

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Flickr will allow its paying users, who have a Flickr Pro account, to monetize their users. At least, they will be able to earn money with their NSFW content , a label commonly used in English-speaking countries that usually refers to adult content, which means an approach of Flickr to platforms such as Onlyfans .

Through a recent change to its content guidelines, Flickr has added the ability for users of paid Flickr Pro accounts to monetize content featuring both full frontal nudity and sexual acts .

In 2018 Flickr was acquired by SmugMug and one of the intentions of its CEO, Don MacAskill, was to make this online image publishing service profitable. And it is that Flickr has become a kind of image archive of recent history, by storing graphic records since 2004, which is why it continues to be one of the places of reference for the consultation and storage of images of all kinds. .

As part of this source of income for the company itself, the paid service Flickr Pro arrived, but the monetization of the company had yet to be transferred to the users themselves, which is what would happen now with this possibility that Flickr Pro users could set up a paywall for the NSFW content they post. Content that would be subject to a restriction or moderation so that it could only be accessed through payment.

Users of the Flickr Pro plan also do not have the limitation of users of the free model to 1 Tb of data or 1,000 images , or the limitation of only being able to keep 50 images as non-public, a new limitation of Flickr for users of free accounts. Thus, the Flickr Pro target is configured as users who want to store up to 1,000 photos privately and authors of adult photos who want to monetize said content.

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