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Emailing Network forecasts an increase in its profits for 2019 of 26%

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Despite the rapid advances reported by new technologies, email marketing continues to position itself as one of the most effective communication tools. Its success lies in the long reach it provides and the direct communication it offers between company and client.

Companies like Emailing Network provide real-time analysis of trillions of interactions of the messages they send to their users.

Taking this as a reference, they make a selection of the contents that are most related and relevant. A working method that translates into very useful statistics that allow us to get to know increasingly volatile consumers.

In this way it is possible to generate quality traffic that maximizes both your sales and ROI. A work philosophy that is validated by the results reported by Emailing Network in January 2019.

The company has managed to increase the traffic generated for its clients by 26.88% compared to December 2018.

Billing has increased by 29.10% in relation to the previous month, with 372 active clients. This represents a growth of its portfolio of 12% in relation to the previous month.

If we focus on the ranking of countries by turnover, Spain is in the first position, representing 39.94%. Behind are Italy (26.64%), the United Kingdom (12.09%) and France (8.82%).

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019, Emailing Network forecasts a 26% increase in revenue compared to 2018. A positive forecast that they hope to achieve through the new special personalized actions in Multichannel. These are based on a combination of dedicated emails combined with display, social media ads and retargeting.

The strategy with which they intend to achieve the objectives set for 2019 is reinforced with more optimized 360º CRM services.

Some data that is the result of a recommender system capable of helping the end user in their daily life like any virtual assistant through the use of automatic learning algorithms that select the offers most adapted to the interest of the users.

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