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eCommerce sales for Valentine’s Day 2022 will increase by 18% compared to last year

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This Valentine’s Day, eCommerce and online stores will sell 18% more than last year. This is confirmed by a study carried out by Outvio, a company specializing in after-sales service management for online stores, whose sales data during the first week of February already show an 11% increase in items related to said festivity, such as jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes and flowers.

“The uncertainty generated by the current situation is affecting the way couples celebrate Valentine’s Day. The average consumer has chosen to give away physical products instead of experiences or getaways. This, however, is not new, last year we already experienced this trend. However, the maturation period that eCommerce has undergone during 2021 has made online sales grow even more. Taking into account our data history, this 11% in the first week of February will translate into a difference of 18% in the 5-7 days immediately prior to February 14 », comments the CEO of Outvio, Juanjo Borrás.

From the company they also take the opportunity to verify the importance of offering several delivery options, especially taking into account the demanding consumption habits of the modern client, as well as programming the continuous sending of follow-up messages with promotional banners and enabling payment without registration. in shop. As Juanjo comments, those stores that integrate several transport companies in their workflow can optimize their checkout with more attractive services for the customer and thus increase sales: “Offer delivery methods that range from standard shipping to the most forward-looking, even express shipping for those who leave the purchase until the last moment, even shipping on the same day, is essential to not miss out on sales. We see, for example, that delivery in two hours or in a personalized time slot is becoming more and more popular. In that sense, having a platform like Outvio, which allows you to work with several transport companies at the same time automatically and in an orderly manner, is a very important competitive advantage».

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