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E-commerce will star in an acceleration of between 30% and 50% in 2022

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The rise of e-commerce in recent months shows how the pandemic has established new habits. Trade and companies have had to adapt to a situation never seen before, and the new forecasts are that the e-commerce and digital marketing markets will grow up to between 30% and 50% next year, according to the EXE agency.

In this sense, the Spanish spent on average on online purchases this year 2021 a total of 2,336 euros, which represents 11% more than 2020 and an increase in all categories, of which rest, gaming and training are the three that show the greatest growth, as shown by the data from the Cetelem eCommerce 2021 Observatory.

Shipping and parcel companies were complicit in this great growth, which on other occasions would have occurred less rapidly. For example, the DPD group, which is linked to SEUR, dealt with a volume of 50% more B2C deliveries in Europe.

According to the TBS business school in Barcelona, ​​“e-commerce was the salvation for some sectors, but it was not so helpful for others”. The sector that benefited the most was fashion, followed by the subscription of TV channels or betting games. However, there were other sectors that plummeted, such as tourism.

The commerce of the future: the new marketing trends 2022 according to TBS
Now that companies have managed to adapt to this new form of commerce, many are preparing to design marketing strategies that take into account the new needs of the consumer as well as the purchasing conditions marked by the pandemic.

During this 2021 we already saw how sustainability, new forms of payment or the personalization of products and packaging became relevant. 2022 will reinforce these latest trends and bring new ones. According to TBS in Barcelona, ​​”certain social networks like TikTok will begin to be taken into account, with which companies can develop a very interesting marketing strategy.”

On the other hand, the request to pay with cryptocurrency will be followed and the customization of the product will be reinforced, trends that have already made an appearance in 2021. Some companies will also work to shorten the purchase process, which is what is known as quick -commerce, or by promoting organic and local products.

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