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E-commerce figures continue to rise and exceed 14,600 million euros

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The turnover of electronic commerce in Spain has increased by 14.8% in the third quarter of 2021, reaching the figure of 14,696 million euros. To be specific, the sectors that have moved a greater amount of income have been travel agencies and tour operators, with 6.9%.

On the other hand, we find clothing (6.5%) and services auxiliary to financial intermediation, in third place (5.5%). Regarding the number of transactions, more than 284 million were registered, 10% more. By purchase and sale, games of chance and betting lead the way, with 6.9%.

These are some of the data offered by the CNMCData portal. This also indicates that 44.6% of revenues were destined for Spain, while the remaining 55.4% corresponds to purchases originating in this country made abroad.

The foreign net balance, that is, the difference between what is bought from abroad to Spain and from here abroad, shows a deficit of 6,490 million euros. Likewise, 35.1% of purchases were destined for Spain and 64.8% abroad.

Evolución trimestral del volumen de negocio del comercio electrónico

More data on electronic commerce and transactions

The turnover of transactions originating in Spain and directed abroad was 8,140 million euros, 16.5% more than in the third quarter of the previous year. 88.8% of purchases from the country abroad are made in stores located in the European Union.

Sales from abroad with Spain have reached a turnover of 1,650 million euros, 5.1% more than in the third quarter. In this sense, the areas of activity related to the tourism sector stand out, accounting for 55.2% of this type of transaction.

With regard to e-commerce revenue within Spain, they have risen by 15.6% year-on-year to 4,906 million euros. They lead public administration, taxes and social security (9.3%), followed by travel agencies and tour operators (7%).

Diez ramas con mayor porcentaje de transacciones del comercio electrónico

Ten branches with the highest percentage of e-commerce transactions

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