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Does Apple have a very cheap iPhone for just 199 dollars?

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True to the tradition of previous years, Apple could soon announce an event to present new gadgets to society. In this event, which some date for March 8, those from Cupertino could lift the curtain on the new generation of iPhone SE . This phone, the most affordable of all those that are part of Apple’s portfolio, is currently priced at $399 in the United States and 489 euros in Spain.

The new iPhone SE (if it actually comes out of the shell soon) would move in a similar price bracket, would include 5G connectivity for the first time and would also release some new features in terms of design.

However, what is truly newsworthy in the presentation (it seems imminent) of the new iPhone SE would be not so much the smartphone itself as the strong prolapse in the price of the previous model.

Apple expert Mark Gurman assures in an article published by Bloomberg that Apple could market the current iPhone SE 2 for just $199 (which would be around 249 euros in European lands).

Why lowering the price of the iPhone SE to just $199 actually makes all the sense in the world
And there are actually quite a few arguments in favor of this possibility. According to internal Apple documents, two years ago the apple company was already in a position to manufacture the iPhone SE for around $200, a price that would have been significantly reduced today. In this sense, it would be perfectly feasible for Apple to market the iPhone SE for $199 and still pocket generous margins of between 30% and 40%.

Although Steve Jobs would probably never have agreed to sell such cheap smartphones, the truth is an iPhone SE for just $199 would be great for Apple to break through more strongly in emerging markets such as India, Africa or South America, where Android has led so far the singing voice. In addition, this model could also be sold like hot cakes in markets like the United States, where Apple would stand up to cheaper Android models with more guarantees.

Relying on an iPhone SE for only $199, the company led by Tim Cook could also spur the attention of more users for services such as Apple TV + or Fitness + , which can be enjoyed only and exclusively on devices manufactured by those from Cupertino. Through this strategy, Apple’s services division would generate more revenue in the long term and attract more users to its ecosystem (users who would also be more likely to buy AirPods or the Apple Watch or even get their hands on the more expensive iPhone). .

Finally, by lowering the price of the current iPhone SE to $199, Apple could also bury the iPod touch with a modicum of dignity, which at $239 is too expensive for the meager (and obsolete) value it makes available to the user.

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