Advertising spreads its tentacles on Telegram (but without “suffocating” users)

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Telegram had been making eyes at advertising for a long time and this has finally seen the light of day in the famous messaging app.

Ads have debuted on Telegram in the form of sponsored messages that will make their way into mass public channels (those with more than 1,000 followers).

Similar to the promoted tweets on Twitter, the new Telegram ads must also keep a “one-to-many” proportionality, so they cannot exceed certain limits.

Advertising on Telegram is also subject to another important limitation: the messages will not be able to redirect the user to external websites and must be limited to taking people to other channels within the application.

The newly released sponsored messages on Telegram will have the power, on the other hand, to anchor in the context of the channel in which they are going to land, but not in the user’s activities. In this sense, the app will not track user behavior to send personalized advertising.

Telegram has more monetization options in the oven

It should also be noted that Telegram has agreed to share advertising revenue with the owners of the channels where the ads land (who will not be able to choose, however, the advertising they show).

Sponsored Telegram messages are also quite short in nature and are constrained by a 160-character limit (enough to engage the user without taking up too much of their time).

Advertising on Telegram is currently in beta, so it is not available to all potential channels.

Beyond the ads, Telegram has another monetization option up its sleeve: the premium features for companies and “powers users” (details of which have not been revealed for now).

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