9 magical places in Scotland that it’s hard to believe that they don’t belong to the world of “Harry Potter”

4. Scottish castles

J. K. Rowling herself has  admitted that the tourist attractions of Edinburgh served as inspiration for the creation of Hogwarts. But not only the city has grandiose buildings, but the whole country, as it is possible to find medieval castles hidden in wonderful landscapes, like that of  Eilean Dona n . And while the author was inspired by the architecture of Edinburgh, we are completely sure that Hogwarts is located in the Scottish Highlands.

“Hogwarts is a very real place to me, and even though I didn’t live in Scotland, I always imagined that I would be there. It is not stated explicitly in the books, but if you travel north for a day from King’s Cross station in London, you will end up in Scotland, ”he shared in an interview.

5. The Mound Bank and Museum

The Mound is an old building from the early 19th century, which houses the Scottish headquarters of Lloyds Bank, one of the largest banks in the world. It is also a  museum that functions as the home for a permanent display of currency, economy, and wealth in general. The building reminds us of the Gringotts bank from  Harry Potter . Now, who served as inspiration for the goblins who worked there? That’s another history.

6. Victoria Street

Victoria Street is a street in the historic center of Edinburgh, and what appears to be a Muggle copy of Diagon Alley, the  magical shopping street where Harry buys his school supplies, including his wand. Victoria Street is known for its vibrant buildings, ancient stone sidewalk, shops of all sizes and a variety of goods. Now, the street also has a store called Museum Context (formerly Diagon House ), which offers artifacts and memorabilia from  Harry Potter , a business quite appropriate for the place.

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