9 Baby Products Seasoned Parents May Not Buy

We would like to believe that all items sold are safe, but in 2019, the United States  withdrew from the market more than five million units of children ‘s products. This shows that parents need to be careful, as even the most popular items can cause injuries and even deaths.

1. Crib bumpers

Parents often use crib bumpers so their little one won’t hit their head on the slats. However, these beautiful accessories can turn into a nightmare for children. Experts warn that they are a  danger and that they increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Even “breathable pads” can suffocate a child. It is suggested to keep all items that could cover the baby’s face away from the crib.

2. Baby carrier with a narrow base

9 Baby Products Seasoned Parents May Not Buy

This item is great in terms of bonding and caring for the baby, but in most models the child is kept in the most unhealthy position . With your legs straight, and your knees and hips straight, there is a lot of stress on your spine, increasing your risk of hip dislocation . This is especially high for babies under 6 months.

We believe that holding a baby has numerous benefits for both parents and children. Just keep in mind that carriers should have a wide base, so that the child’s legs are in an M position. These models do not pose a threat.

3. Walkers or jumpers

When the baby begins to move around the house, some parents give in to the temptation to buy walkers or jumpers. But there are reasons why, in some countries like Canada , such objects are illegal. These products allow children to stand up and walk when their muscles are not ready for it. Walkers pose a great risk of trauma, as using them can cause little ones to tip over or, worse, fall down stairs.

Doctors note that developmental delays are often seen in children who spend a lot of time in walkers and jumpers. The reason for that is that these little ones waste valuable playtime on the floor, skipping an important stage in their growth.

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