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5 Essential Browser Extensions That Will Make Digital Marketing Effective

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When working on the marketing of any website, the sheer number of elements to consider can be overwhelming. There are more and more tools that we must use in our day to day to position ourselves properly in Google, so it is convenient for us to install some of them directly in our web browser to speed up our work and obtain information with just a couple of clicks.

Here are some of the top browser extensions any digital marketer should use to work more effectively:

1. SEO as a key analytical tool

With extensions like SEO Pro you can easily see the main SEO characteristics of each web page you visit, starting with the title and description, and going through many other characteristics such as the URL address, the subtitles within the page, the number of links that there is in it –including the subpages– and much more information.

One of the most interesting features offered by this extension is the ability to analyze the images found on each web page. In short, this extension puts at your disposal in a single click a large amount of fundamental data to understand the organic positioning of each website in the main internet search engines.

2.Safe passwords

A password manager is one of the most important cybersecurity applications you have at your disposal to protect all your online accounts. These apps allow you to store all your passwords encrypted on your device, making it impossible for any attacker to get hold of them.

In addition, password managers allow you to generate unique and random passwords for each of your accounts, they will take care of filling them in automatically in each web form -which will save you an infinity of time-, and they even offer you a safe and secure option agile to share passwords with your colleagues or clients.

3. Watch the competition

It never hurts to have a second extension to analyze the SEO of our websites, especially if we consider that these types of platforms compete with each other and tend to offer different data in their different apps. That’s why it might be a good idea to also include the Ahrefs SEO extension in your browser.

In addition to showing you basic information such as the title and description of each website, it will also offer you a count of words and subtitles that will be very useful to understand the potential for the positioning of each page. And it will also allow you to analyze the social tags that you will find in each one.

4. Learn to position yourself

Possibly the best backlink manager that you can currently find is SEMRush , which offers you a large number of statistics when it comes to analyzing all the links that allow a web page to strengthen its position in Google. In this way you will be able to check the strategy of your rivals and perfect yours to relaunch your website or those of your clients.

One of the main features offered by this platform is the distinction between organic backlinks and paid backlinks, thanks to which you will be able to have a much more complete perspective of the backlinking strategy of each web page that you want to analyze. Quite simply, it is a platform that today is unrivaled in the field of digital marketing.

5. Get over yourself every day

Is your grammar absolutely perfect? Although it can be easy to be convinced that it is spelled correctly, in many cases you may make mistakes that you didn’t even know were wrong. And the same can happen to the staff of your marketing company. If you have to handle large volumes of text in blog posts, emails, or social media posts, a grammar checker can’t be missing from your browser.

With extensions like Grammarly you will not only be able to correct the grammar of all the texts you write in real time, but you will also be able to analyze the correction of the texts that your employees send you. And in addition, it will also offer you the possibility of perfecting your style avoiding bad habits and dissonant word combinations.

Remember to use secure browsers for your work

For comfort and convenience, we usually use browsers like Google Chrome or Safari , especially considering that they are the most used by our potential customers. But remember that some of your online accounts should only be opened from robust browsers to reinforce your network security and the privacy of your data. Alternatives such as Firefox , Brave or Iridium may then be your best solution to reinforce your cybersecurity and guarantee the viability of your marketing company.

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