20+ Popular Interior Details That Don’t Leave A Trace Of Warmth In A Home

Often, in trying to make our home more welcoming, we make some mistakes. Sometimes, because we cannot avoid accumulating old things from which it is difficult to separate, and at other times, due to an unsuitable range of colors. However, all of this can be corrected.

Set of statues “seven elephants”

In the 90s, such figures were very popular. They could be seen in the cabinets and shelves of almost every house in Eastern Europe. But these days they look cloying and tacky. Little by little they are being replaced by minimalist statues made of  resin .

Bubble neon lights

Acid-colored LED elements are good as bright details. But unlike nightclubs and bars, in an apartment they look inappropriate. If you want to revitalize your interior with the help of original lighting, it is better to make a choice in favor of alabaster lamps  with a discreet design.

Decorative fans on the walls

A huge fan hanging on the wall is another object from the past. Such decorative elements greatly reduce the space, that is why it is better to refuse them. To decorate the walls you can choose a  current seasonal triptych , a set of 3 posters or paintings.

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