20 national dishes that locals adore and tourists remember like a nightmare

If you think that the porridge that children eat in kindergarten is a disgusting food, then you do not know anything about the national culinary delights of various countries. Daring travelers taste foods that make a raw fish patty with bones look like a delicacy of gods.

“When I was on vacation in Thailand, I wanted to try a new exotic dish. So when we went to dinner at a restaurant, I ordered a nanjea salad  “

It probably tastes the same as a plastic bag. My husband likes all kinds of food and immediately made him want to try it. I had never before heard him say that a dish was impossible to eat. © Veronika Brazdil / quora

“In Mongolia they gave me to try airag , a traditional drink made with mare’s milk. If you reject it, they will take it as an insult “

The taste of the drink is very strange, it tastes like herbs. Just imagine how difficult it is to prepare, as a nursing mare has to be found and milked. © George Zaharoff / quora

“I was in Spain a long time ago. We went into a local bar and bought a typical aperitif called machito. I tried it and got nauseous. Then I realized how that aperitif was prepared “

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