20 movies that will make you travel to different countries without leaving your seat

There are times when the charm of a movie lies in the country or region where it was filmed. Would it be the same to have a date in London as in Tokyo? Does traveling through the Australian desert cause the same sensation as Argentine Patagonia? And what about searching for relics in some lost corner of the world? This makes these films generate the desire to know each of these countries to visit the same places where the protagonists lived their adventures and romances surrounded by other stories.

1. Dreamers (France)

The capital of France is a place full of art and history. And it is here where you can make films like Soñadores , whose premiere was in 2003, and which is about a group of young people with dreams of great social change. Among them is Matthew, an exchange student who meets a couple of brothers at a cinema in Paris and, together, they play at recreating scenes from classic movies.

2. The talented Mr. Ripley (Italy)

This film takes place mainly in Italy, where the central characters walk through its cobbled streets and its buildings of yesteryear. The film was released in 1999 and is about a young man named Ripley, who is commissioned to persuade Dickie, the son of a millionaire shipper, to return to his family. In the end, the protagonist becomes obsessed with Dickie and adopts his identity.

3. Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Lapland)

This film , released in 1998, takes place in the cold region of Lapland, where Otto and Ana meet again after a long separation. Although they met at the age of eight, they took different paths, but always longing for that mutual feeling that they could never forget.

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