20 devices available on Amazon to make our home a more modern and intelligent place

Every time it is more necessary that our home be as comfortable as possible, and technology works hard to achieve this. We may come to think that having a smart home is expensive, but we can build it in parts and starting with what interests us most.

1. Robot vacuum cleaner

There is no greater satisfaction than spending cleaning time on other things. So a vacuum that can be programmed from your phone can be quite useful. These types of appliances combine the sweeping of their brushes at floor level with small vacuum motors, which is ideal for those who have pets. You can get it here .

2. Digital lock

This practical digital lock combines the best of two worlds: it works with the reliable and traditional key of all the life and also with numerical codes. This version can also be used wirelessly and be connected to alarm systems of various brands. You can buy it here .

3. Smart bulb

These bulbs have different ways of working: they can be programmed to increase the light when the sun rises or change color through an application for mobile phones. You can buy them here .

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