16 Gardens in the world that each spring are filled with colorful flowers (and we would like to visit each one of them)

They say that spring is the season of love. It is also the time when we can enjoy the beauty of nature, which is reborn with a whole range of colorful and scented flowers. In some parts of the world, there are gardens that take advantage of the beauty of plants to create unique spaces, full of life and splendor. Seeing them makes you want to make this season of the year eternal.

1. Antelope Valley (United States)

From mid-February through May, the landscape turns orange in the  Antelope Valley Reservation in California, USA. In this period, poppies bloom, emblematic flowers of that state. The reserve is located in the Mojave desert area, so it is spectacular when spring arrives and everything fills with color. Other wildflowers that grow in the region include Lupinus bicolor , Lasthenia , Platystemon, and  Coreopsis bigelovi i .

2. Schönbrunn Gardens (Austria)

This impressive garden was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996. Since its inauguration, it has been a highly visited tourist spot, both by the Viennese and by people from all over the world. The buildings there date back to the Middle Ages; then, in the 19th century, the gardens were arranged in the English style. Today it is a beautiful complex with fountains, gazebos, a labyrinth and colorful flowerbeds full of flowers.

3. The sunflowers of Tuscany (Italy)

Throughout the entire  Tuscany region of Italy, it is possible to recreate the view of the huge sunflower fields, which envelop the landscape in a cheerful golden color. A very popular place to contemplate this spectacle is Siena, where there are also buildings dating from medieval times. July is the ideal month to explore the fields carpeted with these beautiful oilseed plants , as it is when they are in all their splendor.

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