15 times makeup artists and clothing designers really screwed up

Of course it is difficult to make a movie in which everything is perfect. However, the viewer is entitled to hope that at least the obvious errors are avoided, such as a clear discrepancy between the outfits and the time of the plot, or mysterious disappearances and appearances of costume items. Someone will say that this is not critical, but it would still be better if there were as few such annoying bugs as possible.

  • Costume designer Orry-Kelly, who worked on the costume designs for the characters in the film One Eve and Two Adams , was forced to style Marilyn Monroe’s costumes to match her silhouette, as her figure did not fit. It looked good in real women’s suits from the 1920s. The star’s dresses were made in the style of the 1950s, while the movie is set in  1929 .


  • Edwardian makeup was very different from the way we see it on the face of Rose, the heroine of the movie Titanic . The lips should be red, there should be blush all over the cheek, and no black mascara or eyeliner until 1916 (the Titanic sank in 1912).
  • In the movie Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme , the characters perform brain surgery without surgical masks. This is  impossible in real life.

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