15 Pizzas that deserve an award for the most creative and crazy (we are willing to try them all)

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world due to its simplicity and quick preparation. Its flavors vary greatly depending on the city or country where it is prepared. For example, in Mexico they have innovated by adding meat to the shepherd, while the Swedes love to eat it with banana and pineapple, and in Japan, with squid ink. All of the above confirms that this dish has no borders and is a food capable of adapting to all kinds of ingredients, different from the more classic versions, such as margarita and Neapolitan.

1. Banana pizza

If you think that Hawaiian pizza is a huge excess, it is because you do not know banana or African pizza. It is a Swedish creation made with tomato sauce, cheese, ham, banana, pineapple, onion and curry powder. This version is unique to Sweden and they have made it known on their official profile on Twitter, where they also apologized to Italy for such a dish.

2. Chicken tandori pizza

Tandori chicken is a typical Indian dish that consists of marinating the chicken in a sauce of yogurt and spices and then cooking it in a  tandor , or clay oven, from which it derives its name. The popularity of chicken tandori is so great that now pizzas are  seasoned with that powerful flavor.

3. Shawarma pizza

The  shawarma is a food very popular in the Middle East is to fill a pita bread with thin slices of beef, chicken, turkey and / or beef cooked on a vertical spit that rotates and which is then seasoned with other vegetables to taste like pickles , corn, tomato and yogurt sauce. All those ingredients have been included in a pizza, captivating the palate of some diners.

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