15+ Incredible Facts About Finland Only Locals Know

There are completely different myths around any country, but it is impossible to make a decision about it if you do not live or have lived in that place. On this occasion, a girl told us about life in Finland, and decided to share with our readers some peculiarities about that wonderful nation.

1. “The employees of the Finnish post have different uniforms: warm jackets and T-shirts. This is a girl from the post office who brought us some letters. It’s summer, that’s why she’s not so warm! “

15+ Incredible Facts About Finland Only Locals Know

2. “The roofs have a small hook and socket. This is normal in Finland. Even IKEA had to adapt to this and sell lamps with a small plug ”

15+ Increíbles hechos sobre Finlandia que solo conocen los habitantes locales

3. “Near almost every entrance you can find these brushes. This way, when you need to get somewhere, you can clean the snow and dirt from your boots. Finnish foresight is felt everywhere “

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