15 famous mothers who have taken charge of raising their children

At the term level  , a single mother is one who must deal alone with the education and raising of her children; but she is also that woman who has a baby and, simply, prefers not to be married or married to someone. Whatever the case, most of them have managed to carry the common thread of motherhood with excellence. Some celebrities know the same, who along with success and fame, have also been responsible, loving and dedicated when it comes to being there for and for their offspring.

1. Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado, in addition to having obtained the  crown for the most beautiful woman in the universe in 1996, is a journalist, actress and singer. In 2008, Machado became the mother of a girl named Dinorah. Miss Venezuela was engaged to the father of her daughter, but over time, they decided to separate. Alicia, then, decided to raise the little girl alone, something that caused her a lot of fear at first.

Dinorah, 12 years old today, has a beautiful complicity with her famous mother, who does not hesitate to share all the moments they live together through their social networks.

2. Aracely Arámbula

Aracely has known success through soap operas, but she is also the mother of Miguel and Daniel. The father of these offspring is the  singer Luis Miguel. The artists lived together for 4 years, but separated when the children were still babies. Today, the beautiful Mexican takes great care of the little ones, to the point of keeping them out of public life.

In 2018, Aracely revealed some aspects that she considers when educating them: “(…) In these times, we have many single mothers who take care from head to toe of taking care of children, education and we have to educate —in In my case, I have two men—, educate men to respect women and that great value is not lost ”.

3. Gabriela Spanic

The  Venezuelan actress , remembered for her performance in  La usurpador a, is the mother of little Gabriel de Jesús. Gabriela had a relationship with a Venezuelan businessman, but months after the child was born, their relationship ended. Thus, Gabriel stayed with his mother.

Today, Gabriel is 12 years old and it seems that he inherited the talent of his famous mother, because according to the videos that his mother uploads to Instagram, he is very good at acting. Spanic is proud of him and has  shared beautiful messages: “(…) Days, years, hours, seconds go by and although time passes in his form, I will never stop thanking God for giving me the most beautiful thing A mother can have: a child who teaches me, who stimulates me, who gives me life, dreams and hopes (…) ”.

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