15 Celebrities who customized a detail of their “outfits” and with it gave a significant style to their appearance

When we talk about jewelry, many times we think of acquiring something original and that projects our personality in its brilliance. But the truth is that no one is the same as others and, in general, accessories are usually made of the same design that more than one person will buy. So the only way to reflect our essence in a jewel is to make a unique and exclusive design for us, and many celebrities are aware of this.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Although nameplates were originally used as ornaments among rap stars, Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker ) was one of those who imposed this trend on the world of fashion and made it iconic in the Sex and the City series .


Famous pop singer Beyoncé seems to be a lover of personalized jewelry, especially if they refer to the people she loves. On several occasions she has worn jewelry with the word “Blue”, and as many of us already know, it has nothing to do with the color of the sky, but with her daughter Ivy Blue. He has also shown another type of pendants, one that can be read “B Heart Blue”, which could be translated as “Beyoncé loves Blue” and another nameplate that says “Mrs. Carter, ”in honor of her marriage to Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter.

Kate middleton

Kate Middleton sometimes wears a  gold moon-shaped pendant by Cleethorpes designer Daniela Draper, engraved with “G. L. C. ”, which are the initials of the names of her three children: George, Charlotte and Louis.

Previously, Pipa Middleton, Kate’s sister, had given her a personalized necklace with more meaning than we could imagine. It has the name of his first son, George Alexander Louis, engraved on it, on one side a small amulet with the letter “W” engraved, in honor of Prince William, and furthermore, it is also a nod to a similar piece he used to wear. the duchess, her mother-in-law. This necklace was designed by Merci Maman.

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