15+ Butterflies that took our breath away with their enchanting beauty

There is no spring without beautiful butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. If we pay attention, they can be seen in other seasons of the year. We can also find the cocoons in the branches of the trees. It does not matter if they are small or as big as a hand, they captivate us with their colors, the original shape of their wings and that magical air that surrounds them. Like all insects, their  presence is essential in the ecosystem, as they pollinate flowers, among other important functions. Yes, butterflies are great and some species so rare and beautiful that it is worth getting to know them better.

1. Crystal Butterfly ( Greta oto )

They are called glass butterflies because their wings are transparent, as they lack color. This species is found in the humid areas of Central America, it usually makes long migrations between Mexico and Panama. They feed on the nectar of tropical flowers and, in adult stage, they can measure between 5.5 to 6 centimeters in wingspan.

2. Butterfly “88” ( Diaethria anna )

The black lines on the wings of this butterfly are reminiscent of the number 88, sometimes 89, hence its name. It inhabits tropical areas from Mexico to Costa Rica, although specimens have been found in Colombia and Texas. As adults, they like to eat decaying fruit. There is another very similar species that lives from Mexico to Argentina called Diaethria clymena , also with the same number tattooed on its wings.

3. Zebra butterfly ( Heliconius charithonia )

In 1996, this beautiful butterfly was declared the official butterfly of Florida, United States, although its habitat extends to Central and South America and the Caribbean. The white and yellow lines on the black background of their wings are very similar to the fur of zebras. When it reaches its adult stage, this insect feeds on pollen, as well as sucking nectar. It is for this reason that they can live up to three months, unlike other species. Another oddity of the zebra butterfly is that it likes to hang out in groups of up to 70 members, and they all sleep together in the same place.

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