14 ways to add gray to your wardrobe and show off a flawless look

Although many times we do not notice it, the colors we wear say a lot about our personality. The  gray is one of the most used in the professional field because it represents neutrality and sophistication. Although it could be perceived differently, depending on the culture, in  psychology it is given an interpretation of peace, tranquility and tenacity. You probably have a gray garment in your closet and, at some point, it has been a bit difficult to match it with other clothes. How could you get the most out of this color?

Some colors that can go well with gray:

1. The basics: gray + white

This play of colors is one of the most common, not only in clothing, but also in interior design, because  white can be perceived as cleanliness, purity and peace. Therefore, if you are looking for a formal outfit , and at the same time relaxed, a good alternative is to wear a gray jacket with pants and white tennis shoes. If you prefer or need a more classic and refined outfit , you can wear a gray suit with a white blouse or shirt.

Tip: if you want to create a contrast, wear footwear in a different shade than the jacket or try another color. On the other hand, you can substitute white pants for denim ones. When it comes to gray and white, you can make any type of combination in the same outfit.

2. Gray + black

For a  formal and elegant look , you can wear a gray suit in conjunction with a black blouse or shirt. If you want to continue in the same line, you can combine it with black shoes, but if you are looking for something informal that does not lose style, you can go to your favorite tennis shoes.

Tip: If your pants or dress is gray, you can wear black shoes. If you don’t have much idea of ​​what footwear to wear, this is the simplest and most successful combination. You can also wear open shoes, to apply a little beauty and style to the lower part of your outfit. Any outfit you choose these two colors will give you a look relaxed, but elegant.

3. Gray + black + white

If it is very difficult for you to use only two colors, but you do not want to lose the seriousness in your outfit , you can combine gray, black and white to create something original and sophisticated. A good option to achieve an informal and elegant style is to wear gray pants in conjunction with a white shirt or blouse. You can complement with gray or white tennis shoes to match. If you change the shirt for a shirt and tennis for a more formal footwear, you will achieve a classic and refined game .

Tip: if you are looking for something casual and original for a party, try shiny gray pants, a white or gray jacket and a white blouse or shirt. To complement the outfit, you can wear black shoes. With these 3 colors you can open the way to your imagination, because in any way you combine them, they will make you look spectacular.

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