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14 tricks to become a Twitch expert

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Twitch has become one of the most popular streaming platforms , largely because they have been able to take advantage of YouTube’s content controversies. In this sense, a large part of the great youtubers have migrated to Twitch to enjoy greater freedom and better conditions.

-Show or hide the connection: Let’s start with some simple tricks, for example, hide when we are connected. To do this, click on our profile icon in the upper right corner to open the options menu. Here we can deactivate the “connected” option to not show that we are.

-Configure your profile: Whether we plan to use Twitch to create content, or if we only want to consume it, one of the first things we should do is optimize and configure our user profile. In this sense, we can change the name and all the information, as well as the profile image, to personalize it.

-Follow interests: On Twitch we can follow the creators, but we can also follow our favorite games to see content related to them. On the other hand, you should not lose sight of the trends, since in this section you will find the most fashionable channels, themes and video games.

-Theatre Mode: This mode allows us to eliminate all the elements that appear on the screen during broadcasts, leaving them all in a single column on the right side. We can activate this from the broadcast, selecting “Theatre Mode” in the lower right corner.

-Audio mode: Those who use Twitch on mobile and do not want to end up with all the data, have an option to activate the audio-only playback mode. In this way, we can turn off the screen and leave only the background sound.

-Clips: Twitch has a feature to trim part of a video and post it as a clip.

-Become an affiliate: To be part of the affiliate program you need to have broadcast at least 500 minutes of video for at least seven days in the last month. You must also have a minimum of 50 followers and 3 concurrent visitors on average. If you manage to enter, you will receive money for the visits and for the Bits system.

-Deferred: Twitch saves the last direct so you can see them at another time. All you have to do is enter any channel and click on the “Videos” section, here you will see the past live shows.

-Bits: Twitch has Bits, virtual currencies that are used to send paid messages that are highlighted in the chat. This system can be used by affiliate streamers and they offer 1 cent per Bit to the creator.

-Apps: Twitch offers a list of recommended applications that will help you interact with others on the platform, as well as improve your direct. At the same time, Twitch has an Extensions section, where you can find and install your own applications, which will offer you better features and functions.

-Twitch Prime: Amazon Prime users have some advantages, such as the fact that they have several free games each month, as well as free rewards for some games.

-Configure moderation: Those who have a channel and broadcast, know how complicated it can be to moderate a chat. Luckily, Twitch allows you to configure some rules and parameters to moderate the channel in advance.

-Multi-platform: One of the best features of Twitch is that it is a multi-platform application. What does this mean? That we can see the contents on the PC, but also from a smartTV, from a mobile phone, a tablet and even from your video game console. In addition, streamers have the ability to broadcast live on Twitch from their consoles, both on PlayStation and Xbox.

-Twitch Sing: Twitch Sing is the first official video game on the platform. It is a game designed to be played live, since it is a kind of karaoke. The game is free and can be downloaded to play with the people who follow us.

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