13 Famous Cats With So Much Personality We’d Pick Them As Pets In A Second

Like dogs, cats have stood out as big stars on television and in movies for their funny, goofy, evil, bold, and fearsome performances. The portrayals of felines in movies, series, cartoons and programs have been so extraordinary that they have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many fans.

1. Puss in Boots from  Shrek 2

This cat fights and has the skills of a musketeer. Its most obvious feature is its large boots. Its design was based on real cats and was  inspired by characters such as Zorro and Indiana Jones. This pussycat knows that by making cute eyes and putting on an adorable face, he can get everything he wants.

2. Garfield

Garfield is part of the cartoon that bears his name, along with a puppy named Odie and Jon Bonachón, the owner of both. Garfield the cat is 7 years old, he likes to eat lasagna, watch TV and make fun of Odie. He hates raisins, spinach, spiders, and most of all, Mondays (as long as it’s not his birthday).

3. Silvestre from the Looney Tunes

Silvestre, Silvestre Junior’s father, is a  character from Looney Tunes in black and white, with a red nose like a clown. He always wants to hunt the canary Tweety, but fails every time he tries, in addition to earning the punishments of his owner, a nice granny. Just at the moment when Silvestre approaches the canary, that’s when Tweety says the famous phrase: “I thought I saw a cute kitten. It is true! It is true! I saw a cute kitten! “

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