12 Very Famous Cats That Earned A Place In History For Their Charm

There are cats that most people know, such as Garfield, Puss in Boots or Felix the cat, but there are others that are worth remembering and mentioning for their great feats. Many of them helped advance technology and science on our planet, and more continue to make us smile thanks to their extraordinary performances and personalities.

1. Félicette, the first astronaut cat

Félicette, Astro-cat or Astro-cat was a street kitten with black and white fur that was found in Paris, and later became the first feline to be sent into space. On October 18, 1963, at 8:09 a.m. m., Félicette was launched from the Centro interarmées d’essais d’engins spéciaux, located in Algeria, on the Véronique AGI 47 probe rocket. She survived the space flight and, as a result, was commemorated around the world.

2. Grumpy Cat (“grumpy cat”)

Tartar sauce was a kitten known by the name of  Grumpy Cat (“grumpy cat”). She quickly became famous on the Internet for her peculiar face. Tabatha Bundesen, its owner, mentioned that the fact that her face looked grumpy was due to an abnormality called “feline dwarfism”. Grumpy made us laugh more than once with her memes, which became very popular on social networks.

3. Tama, the super station chief

Another of the most famous cats in history was Tama, who was the stationmaster and director of operations inside the Kishi train station, in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan. The manager of the place adopted Tama and she soon became famous throughout the country for being very kind and friendly. In 2007 she was named “stationmaster”, and her daily duty was to greet each passenger wearing her uniform: an adorable little hat. She did so well that in 2008 she was promoted to “super station chief.” The ceremony was attended by the mayor, and that is how she became “the only woman with a leadership position” in the organization.

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