12 mistakes that can turn any vacation into a party of waste and unnecessary expenses

A vacation can be a major blow to a traveler’s finances. Everyone knows: to save money it is advisable to buy airline tickets a few months before the trip or to travel outside the high season. But the benefits of such savings methods decrease if you do not know the situations that can imperceptibly empty the wallet of a tourist.

Mistake # 1: not informing the bank about the trip

Most tourists don’t even think about notifying their bank about an upcoming trip. But they should. Employees can block the card, considering that a sudden payment abroad is fraudulent.

In order not to spoil your vacation, inform of your departure in advance. This can be done in the online banking chat or by calling the bank by phone.

Mistake # 2: not specifying reservation details

If the room is cheap, check if that’s the final price. Sometimes this does not include taxes, internet, or service charges. For example, in some apartments or houses in Finland, tourists must bring their own towels and bedding or rent them from the owners for extra money. There may also be a clause stating that before leaving, the guest must clean the room on their own or pay for that service.

So that you don’t have to overpay, be sure to ask the manager if you will have to incur additional expenses during your stay.

Mistake # 3: Not Finding Out About Possible Bans

Most of the financial problems abroad are due to the fact that tourists do not read the laws and do not find out about the restrictions that apply in a particular country. For example, in Venice it is forbidden to lie on benches and stop to drink or eat. This can only be done in designated areas. And in Sri Lanka you will be fined at the airport if you try to carry mangoes or pineapples in your hand luggage.

To avoid getting into trouble, before you travel, look for up-to-date information in thematic forums for regular travelers or on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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