12 Folk Lessons From Adults That Do More Harm Than Good (And Possibly Send Your Kids To Psychotherapy)

Parents go to great lengths to give their children the best and it is not always about material things. However, sometimes such efforts do not lead to anything good. Most of the problems originally stem from childhood and it is important that we as adults remember that.

1. We advise ignoring the aggressors

  • “Ignore your attackers and they will leave you alone.” Ultimately, such a strategy can have 2 results: They will annoy you even more, or they will start to intimidate another person. Aggressors have to be faced and put in their place. The sooner you do this, the faster they will understand that teasing others is a bad behavior strategy. © EGoldenRule / Reddit
  • The more you ignore the abusers, the more difficult it will be to deal with them. Because every time you endure constant abuse, bullies perceive this as a weakness and their ego increases. Children must learn to say “no” and to stand up for themselves. Sometimes they don’t want this because they don’t want to be mean or cause someone pain. Many children don’t want someone else to feel bad. So, the second lesson: not everyone can be your friend and it is not necessary to show affection to people who want to hurt you. © MerlinsCat / Reddit

2. We ask you to listen to adults and trust them

  • Teaching kids not to ask questions just because someone is older and supposedly wiser is another of the unpleasant things I see every day. How can a child develop her own ideas if she cannot think for herself? © AtLeast5 / Reddit
  • I found out that my dad doesn’t believe in evolution and global warming. To my question “Why?”, He replied: “Because you must not blindly believe someone, even if this is told by me or your teacher.” I appreciate him because he always gives me the opportunity to have my own opinion. Now I am 26 years old and I still believe that some things that I believed in my childhood were a complete lie. © ughyesofcourse / Reddit
  • Once, when I was 7 years old, at lunchtime, I told my mother that the chicken was not fresh and that I was not going to eat it, nor did I want others to eat it. My mother told me to shut up and show respect for the elders. They all ate chicken except me. And precisely everyone had food poisoning, except me. © WalterWhitesHairLine / Reddit

3. We show them that being wrong is shameful

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