12 Facts About Dolphins That Made Us See Their Intelligence From Another Perspective (And We Can Only Love Them Even More)

Many of us have been captivated by a photograph or video of a dolphin in action. These agile and cuddly animals are known for their intelligence and human-like behaviors; They are also very sociable and have been investigated for the particular and varied sounds they make, among other characteristics.

1. Your body talks about its evolution

Dolphins are cetaceans , that is, mammals that adapted to aquatic life: their hind legs disappeared as such and their front legs became fins.

2. Unlike other animals, they are aware of their breathing

Like humans, they have lungs; But unlike us, the act of  breathing for dolphins is voluntary. They have a blowhole: a hole located in the upper part of the head that they bring to the surface between 3 and 5 times a minute to take in air, although they can be underwater for up to 10 minutes.

3. They turn off one hemisphere of their brain so they can sleep

And because they are aware of their breathing, dolphins cannot enter a deep sleep because this would imply stop breathing. This is why to sleep, they deactivate one hemisphere of their brain and close only one eye; the other hemisphere remains active to maintain active some vital functions and the direction of the dolphin that remains floating very slowly while asleep. These animals can sleep for a maximum of two hours at a time, and in total they can add up to eight hours of sleep in a day.

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